About Jenifer

My Why

Simple…I’ve been where you are (actually probably worse off) and can’t sit by and let women and little girls continuously suffer in silence. It’s time for women to learn how to trust their bodies, embody their wholeness, and unleash their power. Only then can we help our daughters, nieces, and grand-daughters truly change their relationship with their bodies, themselves, and the world.

When I say I’ve been where you are and probably worse off, I mean it. I suffered for years with health issues, anxiety, and depression and couldn’t figure out the cause. I struggled with trauma-related complications that affected everything from sleep to my behaviors. I wrestled with drugs and alcohol, relationship problems, and the list goes on and on. While I am not completely healed (Nobody is. It’s a continuous lifelong journey), I have come out the other side a completely different person. And I love my life and most importantly who I am.

So if you are feeling called to deep dive into your own inner workings and to completely transform your life, I would be honored to be your guide. Book a free strategy session to see if we’re a good fit for each other.


Me In A Nutshell

I am becoming my truest after being my worst & sharing what I’ve learned along the way.


Mission Driven:

Health Warrior | Core Belief Master | Empowerment Coach

Trauma-Informed Trailblazer | AFT Practitioner | Cyclical  Living Crusader

💫 Founder Eat 2 Be Healthy

The Deets:

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Certified Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Nutritional Counselor
Certified Transformational Coaching Method Mastery Coach
Certified Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) Practitioner
Certified in Suicide & Self-Mutilation Intervention
Certified in Mental Health & First Aid

Behind The Scenes:

Empty Nester | 💗💛💙Advocate | Running Devotee

Movie Buff | Self-Awareness Junkie | Organizing Ninja

Nature Lover | Board Game Geek | Student of ACIM

Rollercoaster Enthusiast | Recovering ACA | Virgo

Personality Types: INFP-T | Investigator | Questioner | Conscientiousness

📍Maui, Hawaii

Types of Coaching I Practice


Holistic Health Coaching

Holistic Health Coaching helps you create a healthy lifestyle design that is right for you by focusing on all areas of life that can support and nourish your overall health. I take a customized approach and dive deep into what is standing in the way of your health goals. Another way of saying it is that we look underneath the hood to help you make choices that feel good to you naturally and accelerate behavior and lifestyle change that can be sustained for the long-term. I draw on cutting-edge nutritional techniques, psychology, and brain science to facilitate experiences that help you grow and embody a completely new way of being.


Core Belief Coaching

Core Belief Coaching provides you with an opportunity to break through limiting patterns so you can shift your current paradigm to make way for what you desire and achieve greater heights of success. I help you discover your unconscious decisions that determine your fulfillment and reframe hurtful past experiences into useful learning tools. I explore beliefs and identity related to family systems, attachment styles, and traumatic experiences to discover your truest self and make changes that last a lifetime.


Trauma-Informed Coaching

Trauma-Informed Coaching is not a replacement for therapy. There are many nuances of doing change work when you have experienced trauma. Trauma-Informed Coaching can help alleviate symptoms by helping to create new positive experiences and diffusing event flashbacks. I use a trauma-informed approach to assist with emotional and conversational intelligence, giving language to feelings, connect the behaviors to feelings, and supporting you to create a picture of a better future. I acknowledge the past, honor the person you are now, and help release those stuck emotions while taking empowered action.




Modalities I Use

Addiction & Mental Health Nutrition Coaching

Mental health and addiction nutrition coaching uses nutrient therapy to help repair the brain and body. We need specific nutrients to create neurotransmitters, the chemicals that send signals of reward and pleasure to the brain and body. Increasing the transmission of these messages eliminates cravings for addictive substances and behaviors. Each person has a unique biochemistry that has to be assessed and corrected for long-lasting recovery.

Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT)

The Aroma Freedom Technique uses the power of scent to shift awareness away from negative thoughts, feelings, and memories to initiate a positive outlook to result in greater confidence. The principle of Memory Reconsolidation is used to re-wire the neural pathways and bring clarity, peace, and optimism. AFT is a scientifically proven way to accelerate the process of change by clearing out limiting beliefs that are blocking the fulfillment of the natural growth pattern we are all born to achieve.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is a methodology to help you achieve goals and get results by using a set of specific tools and techniques to communicate better with yourself and with others. NLP’s foundation is based on the premise that your mind is your internal operating system and your programming from past experiences, thoughts, and emotions affect all areas of our lives. 

Barriers To Effective Communication

We communicate with others every day and how we communicate — with our friends, children, partners, co-workers, and everyone else — makes up the quality of our lives. Using this modality will help you learn how to cultivate positive speech patterns to achieve personal and professional enrichment. Using simple communication tools you will promote win-win situations in your day-to-day activities with everyone you encounter. I also address the masculine and feminine energy that resides in each of us and how balancing this energy within ourselves and with others is an important part of communicating.

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is highly effective in treating a wide range of disorders such as substance dependence, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and eating disorders. DBT teaches you four sets of behavioral skills: mindfulness; distress tolerance; interpersonal effectiveness; and emotion regulation.

Non-Violent Communication (NVC)

NVC is a set of tools and skills to teach us to hear our own deeper needs and those of others. It helps us discover the depth of our own compassion by shifting the language we use to clarify what we are observing, what emotions we are feeling, what values we want to live by, and what we want to ask of ourselves and others. NVC helps us recognize and remove the language of blame, judgment, or domination to honor everyone’s needs to help us create life-serving families and communities.

Purposeful Parenting

Purposeful parenting is a way to engage and connect with your children using emotionally intelligent choices rather than punitive discipline methods. It is having a deeper understanding of what your child needs in moments when they are not behaving the way you would like them to and how to respond accordingly. It is taking a look at our own parenting triggers and how to approach parenting from an alternative way. How we learn to respond or react to life is driven by our interactions with others. The patterns which are set up in early childhood form the basis of our future relationships and most importantly our relationship with ourselves. Purposeful parenting helps bring actionable tools to shift the parent-child relationship.

Cultivating Harmonious Relationships

Relationships create the foundation of our life experience and the harmony or disharmony we feel in our relationships impacts every aspect of our lives! This modality provides the opportunity for you to become clear on your deepest relationship desires and teaches you skills for magnetizing those relationships into your life. Also, learn how to make subtle internal shifts that will positively impact the relationships you have now.