Our children are watching…even when we think they aren’t.

You don’t have to make grand gestures of kindness, like large donations or volunteering at a local charity, for our children to see us being kind. Yes those are nice things to do. But not everyone has the money or the time to give to others.

How many times have you been running errands with your kids in tow and said good morning to people you passed? How many times have you said not so nice things about someone while you child was playing in the room or even the next room; your even shared a story about someone that isn’t yours to tell? How many times have you complained about how people drive while your kids are in the car? How many times have you asked your kids a question and not really paid attention to the answer?

It’s the small things that sink in most. And they don’t take money or time.

It’s the way you treat the person at the grocery store or your plumber.

It’s how you drive on the road.

It’s stopping at the lemonade stand.

It’s the way you shut down gossip.

It’s listening without giving advice or talking about yourself.

It’s saying good morning or good night to everyone you come in contact with.

It’s holding the door open.

It’s looking people in the eye.

It’s giving someone a compliment.

It’s asking someone how they are doing and staying around for the answer.

It’s how you explain things to your children.

It’s putting your phone down.

It’s giving up your seat.

It’s saying thank you.

It’s what you say when you talk politics.

It’s smiling.

It’s how much you tip.

It’s using reusable bags and kitchenware.

And it’s letting other people be kind to you!

What are ways you show kindness in-front of your children?

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