Where do you find your creativity soar?

3 places where creativity can move through you to open up a whole new world!

I have learned that my creativity is a way I reach the deepest parts of myself, therefore it is sacred. And I treat it as such. Calling upon it daily to guide me to realms my thinking mind is unable to even fathom.

Of course mediation allows me to access this part of me so doing it regularly definitely gets the juices going. And often times after I have slept well I jump out of bed with so many ideas that I can’t get them on paper fast enough. But my visualizations tend to come to me in very specific places.

1. On the pavement…when I run. I write the most elegant blogs in my head during my run. The ideas seem to swirl effortlessly. Too bad I forget most of it by the time I get back. 🙈 Have they invented a machine that I can hook up to my brain and it will put my thoughts on paper automatically? Need one of those!

2. The bathtub. I have always been a bath person. I take one pretty much every day. Concepts, thoughts, and plans sail through me easily. Sometimes I’m in there so long the water turns cold and my feet get pruney. Who am I kidding that practically every day.

3. In the kitchen. When I am cooking I feel super imaginative and experimental. I try new things and just go with whatever I feel inspired to create. It doesn’t always workout but I feel in while I’m doing it.

When I allow myself to express myself creatively, other areas of my life seem to gel better. I don’t feel as blocked.

How about you? Where do you feel your most creative? Post in the comments.

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